Brad Pitt has started losing friends after photos of Angelina Jolie with bruises all over her body made rounds online, a new report claimed.

Sources told National Enquirer, in its latest edition, that people in Hollywood initially thought Jolie was the madman in her feud with Pitt. However, the images of the "Gia" actress with contusions and marks allegedly made them think twice about the "Ad Astra" star.

The leaked snaps, which the "Maleficent" star submitted to the FBI's investigation of the couple's marriage-ending 2016 fight aboard a private jet, bolster her claim that Pitt was a drunken bully who abused Maddox during the controversial flight. Because of this, the personalities who previously expressed their love and support for Brad Pitt are said to be keeping their distance from him already.

It added that Brad Pitt is now getting anxious that the photos of Angelina Jolie's bruises would affect his career and had permanently tarnished his good-guy image. For years, Pitt was seen as the victim of Jolie's vengeful hate campaign, painting the "Troy" star as an unfit father for their six children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox.

A mole dished, "A lot of people are looking at Brad now and wondering if he's not the bad guy in all this after all."

The recently unveiled FBI report suggested that Angelina Jolie claimed Brad Pitt dragged her to the back of the plane and shook her while shouting, "You're f*****g up this family." The "Lara Croft" actress also insisted that she was forced to restrain her ex-husband to prevent him from retaliating against one of their children who called Pitt a "p***k."

Jolie also claimed Pitt slammed her into some plane seats, causing her to suffer elbow and back injuries. The "Salt" actress even described her ex-lover as a "monster" who berated the kids during the toxic tirade.

An unnamed insider told the entertainment news outlet, "Brad insisted from the get-go she's the evil witch who's soaked him for money and that the fight on the plane wasn't as bad as she made it out. But the images and details in this report are truly shocking. It's caused a lot of talk among the folks who were previously siding with Brad."

Recently, Brad Pitt admitted to "boozing too much" in the past. However, Angelina Jolie's former husband has denied all of the abuse allegations.

The informant, however, added, "Even if a fraction of what she's claiming is accurate, it may destroy his career."

Brad Pitt has yet to comment on the claims that he has started losing friends in Hollywood after photos of Angelina Jolie's bruises made rounds online. So, avid followers of the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" stars should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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