And now for perhaps the most heartbreaking story from the ongoing floods in Florida; the story of one man, armed only with a bucket and a brave heart.

It begins on a driveway in an unidentified part of the Sunshine State. That driveway is badly flooded – there is little short of a reservoir sitting in between the large houses and new cars that line the street.

Confronted with such a hazard, most people would give up, stay inside, wait for the emergency services to hoover up the thousands of gallons of groundwater.

But not the man in the orange T-shirt. He has a bucket. And bucket by bucket he's going to clear the flood from the road and save his neighbourhood.

If you don't like sad endings then you'd best not watch the video.

It was captured on 7 June by the man's neighbour, Nathan Zeff, and uploaded to Facebook, where it has been watched more than 350,000 times.

The bizarre, at times touching images, are complimented by a soundtrack chosen by Zeff himself.

Florida has been besieged by heavy rains and flooding this week. The Sun Sentinel reports that the Sawgrass Mills shopping mall suffered 15 inches of rainfall in three days.

Bucket Florida floods
The man was determined. Screengrab / Facebook / Nathan Zeff