Atlanta police are searching for a man who mounted the bonnet of a moving car and kicked in the windscreen in a seemingly unprovoked attack.

The incident took place on Monday (5 June) at around 1.30pm as a woman, identified only as Kristen, pulled out of a Moreland Avenue parking lot in her black Hyundai Sonata.

Footage of the attack, filmed from within the car, shows the perpetrator skipping across the road from the pavement and springing onto the bonnet.

He then delivers two blows to the windscreen with the sole of his shoe before casually dismounting and exiting the scene.

"I was so terrified. I have no clue why this happened and why me?" Kristen said. "Honestly, I was afraid he was going to kick in the windshield and start kicking me."

"I felt terror. Just looking into somebody's face who obviously does not care about anything or anyone and seeing them this close to you, kicking at you.

"I think I'm just numb still," she added.

Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta has offered a reward of up to $2,000 (£1,550) for information about the black male, who was wearing a white T-shirt and red hat.

In a statement on Facebook, Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta said:

A woman was leaving the Kroger parking lot on Moreland Ave, when an unknown suspect jumped on the hood of her car and kicked in her windshield. The victim left the area and contacted police. The video shows the unprovoked attack by a black male suspect wearing a white shirt and red hat. If you know the identity of the suspect, please call Crime Stoppers at 404 577-TIPS(8477). All callers are anonymous and are eligible for a cash reward up to $2,000.

The assailant was unknown to the victim
The assailant was unknown to the victim Screengrab / storyful