Germany defeats Brazil 1-7 in Football World Cup semi-final
The facepaint runs as a fan endures Brazil's humiliating defeat to Germany in the World Cup semi final Reuters

A Brazil fan was so devastated by the humiliation of the World Cup hosts by Germany that she took the ultimate step and killed herself.

The victim was a 15-year-old girl in Nepal who was following the fortunes of Brazil from her remote village, located around 250 miles from the capital city Kathmandu.

According to reports, the sporty teenager hanged herself in her bedroom at home, after pals ribbed her about the staggering 1-7 defeat.

Nepalese police officer Sharad Thapa revealed what happened: "She was anxious to see Brazil in the final, but it went down to Germany," he said.

"Some of her friends started teasing her for supporting Brazil. Later in the morning, she took an extreme measure by hanging herself in her own room."

The football world was rocked by the defeat Brazil endured in the semi-final of the competition at Belo Horizonte stadium, this week.

Some fans in Rio de Janeiro took out their anger by burning vehicles in the aftermath of the defeat, while one man was filmed smashing a television set to pieces on the street.