Foil covered bank robber on CCTV
One of the suspects seen on CCTV Polícia Militar

Two men are being sought by police in Brazil after they attempted to rob a bank covered entirely in tin foil on Saturday morning. The robbers' disguises surprisingly managed to fool the bank's security systems, but armed police were alerted when the duo were seen on CCTV.

The two are now on the run after managing to escape. However, a third man, thought to have been acting as a look-out, was arrested. Although they managed to get past the security systems, they did not manage to steal any money.

The pair left a number of items at the bank, including a blow torch they were going to use it to get into a safe. They are thought to have fled the scene in a white sports car.

The foiled robbery occurred in Praia Grande in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

A local police spokesman said: "They wanted to make sure the alarms didn't detect their presence by using the tin foil, but staff at the bank's CCTV control HQ saw them moving around and alerted police.

"We searched the area and… found a suspect who was hiding in bushes and had a police record that we took in for questioning."