Wanderson Dias de Almeida riding a bull
Wanderson Dias de Almeida riding the bull that killed him in Brazil ViralPress

A teenage bull rider has died after being kicked in the head during a training session, hours after posting a haunting message that appeared to predict his death.

Wanderson Dias de Almeida, 19, suffered severe head injuries while riding a wild bull on Saturday.

In shocking footage taken in Brazil's Rondonia state, the beast is seen throwing Wanderson to the ground and spinning anti-clockwise – kicking its powerful hind legs in the air.

The right hind hoof then smashes into Wanderson's head – knocking him to the ground in front of shocked friends and colleagues.

Wanderson – who was wearing a Stetson cowboy hat and padded body protector – was rushed to hospital with blood pouring from his ears, but was later pronounced dead by doctors.

The night before, Wanderson had posted an eerie and prophetic message in which he said: "Today we are here, tomorrow we leave. Think about that before you hurt someone. Goodnight."

Distraught friends close to the ranch in the rural town of Cerejeiras in Colorado do Oeste paid tribute to the teenager who dreamed of fame as a bull riding champion.

Ranch hand Rayssa Haker said: "Wanderson loved riding bulls and it was his dream to be a star known all over the world. He died doing what he loved.

"God found it fair to get him out of this cruel world, he had done his part and brought smiles to everybody around him."

Police Investigation

Friend Daiane Roque Morais added: ''He had a premonition by posting that phrase. Today we will be here tomorrow we can leave. I'm sorry, it's sad, it looks like he had a premonition that God will comfort his family and friends."

Police revealed they had spoken to the owner of the ranch who said that safety measures were in place.

Officer Rodrigo Spica, who is investigating the indicent, said the authorities were still investigating the accident.

He said: "A team of experts in bull riding visited the site on Monday to gather more information."

"We will determine whether the safety equipment that was being used was sufficient for what was required."

Professional bull riders said the death was a 'rare' accident in the controversial sport, which is hugely popular across parts of South America and the US.

Warning: Video contains graphic footage