Brian Austin Green breaks his silence about his new romance with Sharna Burgess as he admits that she makes him happy during a video interview over the weekend.

The "Beverly Hills 90210" alum did not shy away when asked about dating the 35-year-old dancer. Although he did not put a label on their relationship, he shared that "it's all going really well right now."

"It's early on, so we don't have any labels or anything, obviously, but we're really enjoying each other's company," Green told Access Hollywood on Saturday, Jan. 9.

The pair are not rushing their romance but the 47-year-old actor is clearly smitten with Burgess. He showered her with compliments when he described her as "super responsible and she's super sweet and caring, passionate, and fun to be around."

He said that he feels "blessed right now" to have her in his life. As for how they met, Green revealed that they were introduced by their mutual business manager. Despite hitting it off, he admitted that he "begrudgingly" agreed to meet with her at first.

"We met and we had a great conversation," Green said of their first day out together and added that "it's been great so far."

As for Burgess, she remained coy when asked about her relationship status during a recent Q&A with fans on Instagram Story. One fan asked, "Relationship status?" to which she replied, "Lol. Y'all don't give up on this one."

"It's almost impossible to fish out real questions amidst ones about my relationship status. I say this with love and kindness. Let it go," she added.

The "Dancing With The Stars" pro also responded, "Best thing I ever did," when another fan complimented her for embracing "being single so you could call in love with yourself."

Green and Burgess fuelled dating rumours when they were spotted going on vacation together at the LAX airport after Christmas. It turned out, they went to Kona, Hawaii for a romantic getaway. They were photographed kissing and locked in a passionate embrace while standing knee-deep in the ocean. The "BH90210" star said that they "had a really good time" in Hawaii.