A British teacher has been arrested in Spain accused of taking secret sexual pictures of his students and sharing them online.

The unnamed man, from Manchester, was arrested at is home in Valladolid, north of Madrid, in an international sting that started in Canada, according to The Daily Mail.

Spanish police say the Englishman took pictures "with clear sexual connotations" of his pupils without any of them knowing what he was doing, suggesting that a hidden camera may have been used.

They say the man had a "special interest" in one female student in particular. It is not known exactly how old the children were.

Spanish authorities received a tip-off from Interpol that the man was sharing indecent images of minors on the internet.

Officers then swooped on the suspect – pictures show him being led away from his home in handcuffs.

In a statement: Spain's National Police said: "Our officers have arrested an English teacher who stored and distributed images of child pornography through a storage system on the Cloud.

"The suspect obtained 'candid' images of his pupils - taken secretly and with clear sexual connotations - especially one girl with whom he demonstrated a special obsession.'

"Once he was located, an urgent warrant was obtained and his address was searched. The investigators found a large number of archives with explicit sexual content involving minors.

"Among the material there were also numerous images obtained by himself of his underage students, which had not been shared by the suspect.

"An analysis of the material showed he had a special interest in one of the girls. We are now working to identify all the victims in the images."