Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle has been targeted by a group of up to 15 youths in her home town Reuters

Former Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle has been subjected to a terrifying campaign of insults and intimidation, according to reports.

A gang of up to 15 youths have targeted the 56-year-old in her hometown of Blackburn, West Lothian, making her life a living hell.

It has got so bad that a spokesperson for the singer, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, told the Sunday Mirror that they were planning to get the police involved as they fear for her safety.

Someone who has witnessed SuBo's traumatic ordeal said: "We were inside the bus and they were throwing stones, screaming and shouting things.

"Another time 10-15 of them were surrounding and throwing stuff. They lit a piece of paper and threw it at her face.

"Then I was going inside the Mill Centre, Susan was walking out and they were all standing at the entrance and they said to her 'why don't you get yourself a pair of glasses you ugly, old b****. It's horrendous."

Ms Boyle originally shot to fame in the 2009 series of Simon Cowell's TV talent show with a heart-stirring rendition of the Les Miserables song, I Dreamed A Dream.

After finishing second she released a string of albums and has amassed a fortune believed to be around £26million to-date.

Despite her success, she opted to remain in the three-bedroom former council house which she grew up in, buying it outright in 2009.

She also purchased a £300,000 new build in the area but struggled to settle so gave it to a niece.

Diagnosed in 2012 with Asperger's, a form of autism, she has spoken openly about the crippling affect it has had on her and her ability to perform in public.

People with the condition typically struggle with their emotions and have difficulty in social situations, often unable to pick up on non-verbal cues.

Speaking in an interview in 2014, she said: "It's a very difficult subject to talk about because you always feel that eyes are on you, and people view you as different.

"I like to see myself as someone with a problem, but one I can solve. It is definitely getting better."

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