Britain's Got Talent's Susan Boyle apologises to British Airways over Heathrow outburst
Singer Susan Boyle, nicknamed SuBo, rose to fame in 2009 Getty Images

Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle has written an apology to the staff at British Airways (BA). This follows her scuffle with them earlier this week.

The Scottish singer, who rose to fame in 2009, is said to have had a heated argument with one of the airline's employee in a departure lounge at the Heathrow airport on 25 April. She was supposedly travelling back to her Scottish home in Blackburn, West Lothian.

Boyle, nicknamed SuBo, was eventually led away by eight cops. According to witnesses around, Boyle was shouting: "I've done nothing wrong, I've done nothing wrong". A Met Police spokesman had then said: "Police were called at around 13:20hrs on Monday, 25 April to a lounge in Terminal 5, Heathrow to reports of a distressed woman. Officers attended and spoke with the woman, amid concerns for her health and wellbeing."

However, Boyle has now personally written an apology to BA staff over the incident. Her spokesman reasoned: "The incident at Heathrow occurred because of Susan's well-documented Asperger syndrome. It is a life-long condition and one of the many characteristics is outbursts. She continues to enjoy her music career. That is very important to her and brings happiness to her life whilst trying to balance the many challenges that Asperger's brings."

The Heathrow incident, however, is not the first of such incidents for the singer. On April 9, Boyle had frantically shouted for help in a lounge at Derry Airport, Northern Ireland, before making a panicked phone call. "To see her running through the airport after she left to board the flight, screaming for help, was the last thing anyone expected to see," a fellow traveller had said.

The 55-year-old was reportedly taken into a nearby room to be calmed down by the airport staff. A friend close to the singer later explained that Boyle had felt vulnerable after learning that her brother had left earlier than planned, prompting she to have to travel home on her own.