British Airways has signed a new deal with Pots & Co, the luxury pudding maker, to serve the Acton-based firm's products on its flights. The move is expected to help the pudding company increase revenues by millions of pounds.

Products by Pots that are available across supermarkets such as Waitrose, Tesco, and Selfridges, will now be served on all British Airways flights. Through the deal, the company is expected to exceed its revenue target five fold.

Pots & Co hopes to achieve revenues between £2.7m ($4m, €3.7m) to £8m in a single year. Speaking about the deal, Julian Dyer, founder at Pots & Co said: "I was aiming to sell 40,000 pots a week and we're selling 210,000. 120,000 of those are sold on airlines in plastic pots."

The company is in talks with two other large carriers as well to provide its products on board, Dyer claimed and added that its products were in demand from high street customers who were keen to stock Pots & Co desserts. He, however, did not divulge any names due to non-disclosure agreements.

Pots & Co, which is now the most expensive dessert brand available in supermarkets, is looking to export its products to the US and Europe. According to Dyer, this would help double revenues in 2017. While it is negotiating with retailers in Europe and the US, it will export its first batch of puddings to Australia this month, The Telegraph reported.

The company was launched in 2008 to compete with UK's Gü Puds that exports desserts to countries such as Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Dyer who followed Gü Puds's business strategy said, "I liked what they [Gu Puds] did and I thought I'll try that." He is now hoping to emulate similar success. Gu Puds was acquired by Noble Foods for £29m in 2010 and had entered into a similar deal with airliners.