Lindsay Sandiford
Lindsay Sandiford was sentenced to death for smuggling cocaine (Reuters) Reuters

A British grandmother convicted of smuggling drugs into Indonesia could face execution by an Indonesian firing squad within weeks.

After being asked to sign a document confirming her death sentence, Lindsay Sandiford, 58, believes that authorities will carry out the execution imminently.

Last week, five foreigners were executed by firing squad after being found guilty of drugs offences, and two Australians convicted of drugs offences are expected to be executed soon. Sandiford, who was born in Yorkshire, believes that she could be the next victim of Indonesian president Joko Widodo's hard-line policy towards drugs smugglers.

She is currently without legal representation, after the Foreign Office refused to fund a second £38,000 appeal.

"If I sign the letter, am I signing my own death warrant? Am I saying, 'Go ahead and shoot me?' The letter is in Indonesian so I won't even know what it says," Sandiford spoke to her sister by phone from Bali's Kerobokan prison, reports MailOnline.

However a prison official told The Times that Sandiford refused to appoint a lawyer, and had sunk into depression.

"Sometimes she talks about death, sometimes she discusses any opportunity to escape the execution and at other times she just seems to have surrendered," he told the paper.

Sandiford was convicted of smuggling cocaine in 2013, but claims that she was forced to become a drugs mule by a gang.

While the gang leaders were sentenced to jail terms, Sandiford was sentenced to death.

Julian Ponder, 45, Paul Beales, 41, and Rachel Dougall, 41 – were sentenced to six years, four years and one year respectively.

Sandiford, who was caught smuggling £1.6 million of cocaine from Thailand to Bali in 2012, claims that gang members threatened to kill her two children if she did not comply.

Both her children are now in their 20s, and one has become a father.