Thai tourist police
This photo was taken by the Thai Tourist Police who had one man injured in the incident Thai Tourist Police

A man believed to be a British national has been charged with a range of offences after a police anti-gang raid discovered a dismembered body in a freezer in Thailand.

Police in Bangkok targeted a four-storey building in the district of Phra Khanong believed to be home to a suspected passport forgery ring on Friday (23 September).

A police officer was reportedly injured in the raid with guns and drugs discovered as well as the body of a foreign man, cut into six pieces, was found wrapped in plastic.

On Saturday, Thai police requested 12 extra days of custody to quiz the suspects and undertake checks on the men.

Deputy police chief spokesman Colonel Kissana Phathanacharoen said all three men have been charged with offences including concealment of a body, obstruction of justice and possession of fraudulent passports.

The three men were named as US nationals Aaron Thomas Gabel, 33, and James Douglas Eger, 66, and Peter Andrew Colter, 56, who held a British passport, said the Bangkok Post. The men were denied bail as they were deemed to be a flight risk, said the report.

Col Phathanacharoen said of the macabre discovery: "We managed to find a big freezer… the body was chopped into different parts. It was concealed in many rubbish bags."

And the BBC reported that the UK Foreign Office said they were looking into reports that a British man was involved. "We are seeking further information from the local authorities following reports that a British national has been arrested in Thailand," a spokesman said.

Thai police say that they found six pistols, methamphetamine, marijuana, passports, a printer and chemicals in the raid. Passports featuring the suspects' pictures with different names, were also allegedly recovered.

The officer injured was said to have been a member of the Tourist Police who was not seriously hurt in the attack.

"They are charged on five counts including attempting to kill an official on duty, resisting arrest, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, forging official documents and concealing a corpse," said Pol Col Chanin Wachirapaneekul, superintendent of the Phra Khanong station according to the Bangkok Post.

Police have also said that Colter had been in the country for eight years and is believed to be the gang leader. The trio are also said to be charged with possession of drugs including ketamine and crystal meth.