Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner has been interviewed by Diane Sawyer Getty

Bruce Jenner, aka the long-suffering step-father of Kim Kardashian, is preparing to bare his soul to the world in a televised interview with veteran broadcaster Diane Sawyer.

It is widely believed - and all the soap opera worthy promos released by ABC suggests - the 65-year-old Olympic gold medal winner will finally address rumours of a gender transition and open up about his plans to live as a woman.

The highly anticipated interview has been shrouded in secrecy since it was conducted in February and to say all the smoke and mirrors and what can only be interpreted as a stubborn refusal to even touch the topic has culminated to this moment would the understatement of the century.

You see, like many celebrities Jenner has a love and hate relationship the media. But due to his family connections to the Kardashian clan, his foray into reality TV and past dalliance with the paparazzi, tabloid speculation based on his altering appearances was always going to be inevitable.

For months, all fans had to go on was hushed whispers from unnamed sources, speculation from medical experts, long hair, pink nail varnish and intrusive blurry images that should never have been published. And through it all he maintained a dignified silence.

Over a year after news of his alleged procedure to have his Adam's apple surgically reduced first broke, Jenner is ready to talk. And most importantly the world is on tenterhooks ready to listen.

Media circus

One of two things are likely to happen in the wake of the interview: A) He will embarrassed, ostracised and retreat back to his secluded LA home. B) He will get an overwhelming sense of relief once the weight has been lifted off his shoulder. No more hiding in the shadows, no more pretending and finally no more playing by other people's rules.

Although I can't support the media circus surrounding his alleged transition, and his decision to relinquish his power to editing, for his sake, I hope the risk pays off.

Outspoken US TV host Wendy Williams branded him a "fame whore" and accused him of having his priorities out of joint. I couldn't disagree more.

While I would like to say Jenner is speaking out in a commendable bid to fly the flag for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, the more palpable explanation would be that he feels cornered and that truly saddens me.

Social pressure and media scrutiny

He was publicly humiliated by Jamie Foxx at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards, the subject of mocking emails sent by director Cameron Crowe to former Sony Pictures studio head Amy Pascal and a magazine even got his daughter 19-year-old Kendall involved in the messy drama. It's no wonder he feels that he can no longer avoid the elephant in the room.

So whatever happens on the night, one thing is for sure Sawyer will be on questioning duties, ABC will be Jenner's stage and I will be one of the people cheering him on. Not because I agree with his delivery but because after a reportedly 50 years of struggling to love what he saw in the mirror, he finally has the courage to make a change.

It takes real guts to stand up and tell the world who you really are after years of living a lie and I just hope that once the cameras stop rolling and the gloss of prime time TV wears off, the world can rustle up enough compassion to tell Jenner "well done".