Belgian authorities have released new footage of a Brussels attacks suspect who left the city's airport moments after it was devastated by twin blasts, they are appealing for any information on the man. Prosecutors asked members of the public who recognised the so-called 'man in the hat' or were in possession of films or photos of him taken after the bombings to come forward.

The appeal came as investigators are still in the dark on the suspect's identity, more than two weeks after the attacks that left 32 people dead in the capital. On 22 March minutes before 8 am, the man was captured on CCTV as he walked inside the Zaventem airport alongside Najim Laachraoui and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, two Islamist militants who, moments later, detonated suicide vests killing 16 people.

Wearing a hat and light-coloured jacket the suspect exited the terminal immediately after the explosions and headed towards the city centre. In a request by the federal prosecutor and the examining magistrate in Brussels, the police released a detailed account, on 7 April, of the suspect's movements, tracked by CCTV up until 9.50 am when the trail was lost.

After the bombs exploded at 07.58 hrs, the man wearing a bright jacket and a hat went out of the building, walked past Sheraton hotel, turned right towards AVIS car park and left the airport area.

Then, he walked through Zaventem city and meanwhile, got rid of his bright-colored jacket.At 08.50, he got to the crossroads between 'Grote Daalstraat' and 'chaussée de Louvain'. At that moment, he was wearing a bright shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

He walked the chaussée de Louvain up to Meiser crossroads where he was recorded on CCTV footage at 09.42 hrs.

He walked further on the chaussée de Louvain where he was again filmed at 09.49 hrs hrs, then on the avenue de la Brabançonne where he disappeared at the crossroads with the 'rue du Noyer' at 09.50 hrs.

The images indicate that he discarded his hooded jacked on the way. Police are asking the public to report if it had been found, saying the piece of clothing could "give invaluable information to the investigators".

An hour after the airport bombing, El-Bakraoui's brother, Khalid blew himself up at a metro station in central Brussels killing 16 more people. All attacks were claimed by the Islamic State (Isis) group.

Police initially arrested a man named Faycal Cheffou believing he was the 'man in the hat', but the freelance journalist was later released following evidence that located him elsewhere at the time of the blasts.

Prosecutors have appealed for anyone with information to call 0800 30 300 in Belgium or the international number 003225544488 or send an email at