Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad AMC

Bryan Cranston joined Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch in pitching a personal dating profile on The Graham Norton Show.

The surreal scenes came after the Breaking Bad star admitted he used to have a job producing video profiles for matchmaking agency Great Expectations, long before his career-defining role as Walter White.

The 60-year-old explained: "It was before the online companies of dating, so you actually had to go into an office.

"You would take a picture and write a bit about who you are... and then you would have to do a short video tape, so that men or women could watch someone and say I like the feel of that person."

Norton quickly challenged his guests to create their own, with Cranston – who recently released his memoir A Life In Parts – playing on his early role in Malcolm In The Middle.

"If you like threesomes, just remember, I like Malcolm in the middle," he quipped.

Redmayne followed, using his upcoming appearance in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them as inspiration.

"Hi, I'm Eddie... I'm 34 and if you're looking for a Fantastic Beast..." joked the Oscar winner.

Sherlock star Cumberbatch, who can currently be seen in cinemas as Doctor Strange, was not to be outdone however, declaring "Hi, I'm Benedict but you can call me Big Ben! I'm somewhere over 30, but if you're feeling a little strange, the doctor will see you now."

Despite the best efforts of the Hollywood trio, Cranston said the profile attempts would have "guaranteed they remain single."

But Cumberbatch, 40, need not worry about selling himself to potential suitors after confirming rumours that he is expecting a second child with wife Sophie Hunter.

During an interview with This Morning earlier this week, the actor promised he would "be there all of the way," but revealed he is "still trying to prove himself"as a dad following the birth of son Christopher in June 2015.