Microsoft Build 2015 live blog
Live coverage of Microsoft\'s Build 2015 keynote where we expect to learn more about Windows 10, HoloLens, Android apps on Windows smartphones and more IBTimes UK

We are in the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco for live coverage of the Microsoft Build 2015 developer conference keynote, which is kicking off at 8.30am local time.

We expect to learn more about:

  • Windows 10
  • HoloLens
  • Android apps on Windows smartphones
  • Opening Office up to developers
  • Microsoft's smartphone strategy

Satya Nadella back on stage to say goodbye. No mention of a Windows 10 launch date or new Lumia smartphone but there is always tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in folks. I'm off to try out HoloLens.


Microsoft has brought 100s of HoloLens devices to Build 2015 to allow developers to see it in action


"At some point in time you get the feeling you are creating something really important" Alex Kipman


HoloLens can allow you to bring up controls and schematics from your connected device and change them right there without having to return to your desk.


Now on stage is a robot powered by Raspberry Power 2 and using HoloLens to overlay a holographic robot on top of a physical one


All Windows 10 universal apps will run on Microsoft's Holographic computing platform on HoloLens.


Now, we've got a video about the HoloLens giving more details about the hardware itself


Now a demo of how the HoloLens can be used to teach medical students about the physiology of the body


Sorry for the lack of updates, but Microsoft has been showing off HoloLens and its pretty incredible. Now showing off how HoloLens can be used by architects to show clients how a building will look or solving problems on site.


Alex Kipman (he of HoloLens fame) is on stage....


Smartphones could be used to connect to a screen, keyboard and mouse for effective hot-desking.


Smartphone being mirrored on a screen and connected to Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Phone homescreen appears as Start menu and apps run as if native to desktop - which they are in a way as its the same codebase for phone and desktop apps on Windows 10. Will your phone replace your laptop?


Belfiore now showing off Continuum for phones for the first time. Says Microsoft needs new hardware to get this working but it doesn't have it yet.


Myerson now talking about the continuum feature which allows apps change to reflect what mode you are in (tablet, desktop etc)


Belfiore showing off the new tab page on the Microsoft Edge which features news, weather, stocks, recently opened tabs, featured apps etc.


Now onto Project Spartan which will be called MICROSOFT EDGE


Cortana will be deeply integrated with apps. Allowing you open apps and even execute commands in apps - using Viber as an example


Now onto Cortana


Belfiore talking about how Windows 10 will prompt you to use features (Cortana, paint apps) by surfacing them after a length of time of no use. Called Spotlight, it will give users direct links to apps.


Belfiore now showing off the latest build of Windows 10, with some tweaks to the Start menu


Joe Belfiore now on stage


All attendees getting a HP Spectre x360 two-in-one device to help them develop for the platform.


Big news. iOS apps (written in Objective C) will also be easily ported to Windows.


Myerson specifically mentioned Windows 10 phones which will use the ported Android apps.