An irate skip-hire employee took revenge as he filmed himself dumping 15 tonnes of rubbish onto a customer's driveway.

Eddy Barby and his colleague Dan Harrison emptied the container's contents onto the house's front garden after the client allegedly refused to pay an extra charge for overloading.

Footage shows how they used a lorry to tip building scrap, including wooden timbers and cement blocks, just yards from the customer's front door.

The pair, who both work for Hull Skips and Aggregates in Kingston upon Hull, said they had given the customer nearly a month to pay off the bill and decided to take maters into their own hands after giving them a final warning. The outstanding amount was not disclosed by Barby.

The video was posted to Facebook on February 15 by Barby where it has received nearly 50,000 views. It included the caption "Don't take the piss and pay ya bills. I don't f*** about."

"We gave the customer three weeks to pay for overloading the skip", Barby told the Hull Daily Mail.

"Fifteen tonne was in the skip and would of been too heavy for me to carry on the road! What to do to help animals during freezing weather and snow.

"They pulled the 'we don't understand card', so I said "understand this" and tipped the bin. Causing no damage", he said. "It's my license at the end of the day."

Skip dump
Eddy Barby dumped 15 tonnes of buliding waste onto the customer's front garden. Facebook