A bus driver in Maryland has been suspended after footage appeared on social media which appeared to show him reading a newspaper while driving a route.

"Should my bus driver be reading and flipping pages in the newspaper while driving?" Myles Hill tweeted along with the video and a tags for Metrobus, a service which operates in the Washington DC metro area.

Metrobus's info team replied to the tweet asking for more information and then saying that the tweets had been shared with the division for investigation.

"He wasn't speeding or anything. He just slowed down dramatically and I almost missed my transfer because of it." Hill said in reply to the messages.

A spokesperson for the Metro told the Washington Post that the driver was put on paid leave while an investigation takes place, adding: "What is shown in the video is obviously disturbing and completely unacceptable."

The incident on 8 September is thought to have taken place around the area of Annapolis Road,which can be heard coming from the bus's tannoy system in the video. The spokesperson told the paper that the matter could lead to the driver's dismissal.