Customers looking to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on an Apple Watch could have as little as 15 minutes to decide which model is right for them.

According to sources briefed on Apple's plans for selling the Watch, the company will allocate 15 minutes for each customer who makes an appointment to try on various models and sizes of Watch. Ten or more 'try-on stations' will be built in stores around a central display unit containing all versions of Watch.

9to5Mac reports customers will be allowed to try on the Watch from 10 April, and although an appointment is not required, the stores are expected to be very busy until demand for the new wearable has died down. Once they have tried Watchm customers interested in buying one can place an order and collect their watch on its 24 April release date.

Come 24 April, when huge queues are expected just as they are with every new iPhone launch, customers will be split into three groups. Firstly, those who have made an order ahead of time and know exactly which model of Watch they want will be separated from those who have ordered one, but still do not know exactly which size, style or strap they want.

Finally, Apple Stores will hold stock for customers walking in on launch day, although these numbers - as with when new iPhones and iPads go on sale - are expected to be small, and will vary greatly from one store to another.

The sources say Apple Store staff will begin setting up for Watch during special overnight shifts on 9 and 10 April. In the coming days, employees will be given "a few hours" of Apple Watch training. Up to 90%of store staff will be allocated to selling the Apple Watch, although presumably not all at the same time.

As for the gold Watch Edition range, which costs as much as £13,500, Apple will train an elite group of employees known as 'Experts' who have worked with the company for an extensive period of time. They will all have completed extra customer service training, while a pair of Experts for each store have already attended additional training at events held by Apple in February.

The Apple Watch is available in two sizes (cases 38mm and 42mm tall) and three collections, Watch, Sport and Edition. Prices start at £299 for the aluminium Sport model, while the Edition costs between £479 and £949. The gold Watch Edition costs between £8,000 and £13,500.