Activision and Infinity Ward have released a new in-depth look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's multiplayer mode, detailing what to expect including the new class-based Combat Rigs system and deep weapon customisation options.

The seven-and-a-half-minute overview of what to expect (embedded below) goes into detail about the most anticipated multiplayer game of the year. It focuses first on the new Combat Rigs system, which gives players a choice between six variations of exoskeleton suit to use.

These six variations come with three payloads and three "unique, persistent" perks each, of which players choose one each before every game. The six suits are designed for certain play-styles.

They are called Warfighter (for a mid-range assault style), Stryker (tactical support), Phantom (marksman), Merc (heavy infantry), Synaptic (close quarters combat), and FTL (assassin).

With over fifty potential combinations, this new system acts as the basis of a multiplayer mode that exemplifies how the enormously popular series isn't resting on its laurels.

This continues with weapon customisation, which is deep enough to allow the kind of customisation you would expect from the series, and new "prototype" weapons which have four levels of rarity that offer additional perks. These are bought with salvage (the game's currency for customisation) earned through playing the game.

The overview then runs through a few of the new perks, influenced by Infinite Warfare's new industrial sci-fi aesthetic, a look at some of the maps, and the gameplay modes available – which include all the fan-favourites from recent CoD titles and a new mode. In Defender teams fight for control of a drone that offers a steady stream of points to the team holding it, until it resets.

This look at the game's multiplayer comes shortly after a trailer taking a look at the upcoming campaign, and two its stars: Game of Thrones' Kit Harington as villain Admiral Salen Kotch and UFC fighter Connor McGregor as his right hand man Captain Bradley Fillion.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is out 4 November on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Special editions of the game come with a remastered version of 2007 classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, complete with its multiplayer mode.

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