Call of Duty fans are in for a great treat, as Infinity Ward has announced plans of releasing exclusive downloadable content (DLC) for Modern Warfare 3 Elite subscribers starting with Xbox Live on January 24.

It is less than a month to go and the unbelievably short wait for the release of expansion pack should arouse interest amongst the restless fans.

The new downloadable content is expected to include a new set of maps, besides Special Ops missions and other surprise packages. With three developers actively contributing to the season's content, the gamers can expect content they have never seen before, according to Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling.

The COD fans would be excited to see Infinity Ward working closely with SledgeHammer and Raven in an effort to produce the best Call of Duty expansion pack ever.

Despite Bowling's assurance to get Special Ops Missions on the DLC, the availability of the new single player content is still murky. There have been reports of a screenshot circulating the web, although no further details about the downloadable content have been revealed.

Much to the dismay of PS3 and PC users, the DLC release will be first available for Elite members using Xbox 360, followed by PS3 and PC after the mandatory traditional gap of four weeks.

Meanwhile, watch this exciting piece of video trailer on Survival Mode: