Camilla has allegedly been abusing her Queen Consort title and is making life miserable for Kate Middleton and her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton.

The former Duchess of Cornwall reportedly learned that she would be given the Queen Consort title years before Queen Elizabeth II announced it during the Platinum Jubilee. Her Majesty said at that time that it is her wish for the British public to address her daughter-in-law as such.

According to OK! magazine, the 75-year-old used this knowledge to her advantage even before she became Queen Consort after Her Majesty died in September 2022. It allegedly placed massive tension on the 75-year-old's relationship with the former Duchess of Cambridge.

The publication cited an unnamed palace insider who claimed that Camilla could not "stop gloating" about eventually being Queen Consort. Armed with this knowledge, she became "determined to make Kate's life a nightmare." She reportedly made Kate Middleton curtsy to her when they met to prove that she is high up in the royal rank.

Likewise, she reportedly also made certain that when the Princess of Wales' parents Carole and Michael visit Kensington Palace, they must enter the servants' entrance as it was "fitting and proper the Middletons use the servants entrance like the rest of the merchants" because they come from a non-royal family.

Camilla allegedly also wanted Laura and Tom, her own children from her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles, to get royal honours or knighthoods "as befits the offspring of Britain's queen."

Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly pushed back against the plan but they feel they have "little chance of success." The insider claimed that "for the moment, King Charles III and Camilla hold all the cards."

However, claims that Camilla has been treating the Princess of Wales unkindly should be taken with a grain of salt. Likewise, it is not known how Michael and Carole are treated by palace staff and the royal family whenever they visit Kensington Palace.

But if they want to visit Kate Middleton and see their royal grandchildren, they can do so freely now since the family already moved to Adelaide Cottage on the grounds of Windsor in September 2022. Meanwhile, Camilla will officially be crowned Queen Consort during King Charles III's coronation on May 6.

Kate, Camilla, etc
Kate Middleton stands with Camilla and the Duchess of Wessex Getty Images