King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla are reportedly in panic mode with the upcoming release of Prince Harry's memoir as they believe that it could have damaging revelations about them.

The royals are already bracing for the worst when the book comes out either this year in December or in 2023. His Majesty and his wife allegedly fear its release because "they are convinced it'll be a burn book thinly disguised as a memoir."

An insider told New Idea, "Harry has a lot of unresolved anger about his parents' divorce, and Charles strongly believes he's going to take it all out on Camilla. The King and Queen are in panic mode, and preparing for what to do if Harry puts her on blast."

Another source chimed in and said that Camilla fears Prince Harry's memoir could bring back unpleasant memories of that time that she hid away following the revelation of her relationship with the then Prince of Wales.

"Camilla fears it's going to be the early '90s all over again when she had to hide away [at her home] in Gloucestershire alone for months while the entire country raged about her for stealing Charles from Diana," the tipster told the publication adding, "There was a lot more to that story then, and she has no doubt there will be again if Harry goes after her."

Queen Consort Camilla may be "one tough woman, but she's well aware that public outrage back then has nothing on the cancel culture of today. She's already preparing to draw the blinds at her country home and lay low for a while."

Prince Harry has since announced that his memoir will contain "wholly truthful and accurate accounts" of his life and his experiences. He said he wrote it not as the prince he was born but as the man that he has become.

Except for Prince Harry, his publisher Penguin Random House, and his ghostwriter JR Moehringer, no one else is reportedly privy to the contents of his memoir, even the royal family. Royal experts claimed that the book has the royals fearing its potential to not just tarnish the image of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, but the monarchy too.

Camilla has been at her husband King Charles III's side during his tour of the United Kingdom four nations
Camilla has been at her husband King Charles III's side during his tour of the United Kingdom four nations AFP News