An overtly fearless man from Calgary, Canada, took to the skies on 5 July on a lawn chair lifted only by helium balloons.

Daniel Boria reportedly attached some 110 helium balloons to a lawn chair in a bid to market his cleaning product company.

"A green plastic lawn chair that we purchased for about $10 (£6.40) at the local Walmart, I believe," said Boria's friend, Conner Shauf, reported MSN.

Despite having high ambitions to fly across Calgary skies and land in style into the Calgary Stampede via a parachute, the skydiver was held down by police.

Due to bad weather conditions, he landed in an industrial field a few kilometres away from the grounds.

Boria who was charged with one count of mischief for causing danger to life was released on 6 July.

Since the chair and balloons are still lost somewhere in the skies, Shauf said, "we're in the midst of tracking that down."

Boria had reportedly tried out the stunt a day before.