Canary Wharf bomb
The Canary Wharf bomb scare outside Barclays was reportedly caused by someone\'s lunch that was left on a Boris Bike Getty

A Canary Wharf bomb alert was reportedly triggered when someone left their lunch on a Boris Bike in one of the capital's premier financial districts.

The alarm was raised when a package was found on a bike next to Barclays HQ, ITV reported.

It was eventually blown up in a controlled explosion. Roads into Canary Wharf were closed.

The Metropolitan Police were called to investigate reports of a suspicious package in Churchill Place.

A bomb disposal robot was seen entering the area while police officers ushered workers away from the scene.

One witness Tweeted a photo of the alleged aftermath, showing broken pieces of plastic scattered across the ground.

The package was later assessed as a false alarm and police ended their investigations soon after.