Priscilla Vaughn
Priscilla Vaughn

A hooker went crazy and tried to eat the genitals of the man she had gone to dinner with, it has been alleged.

Priscilla Vaughn, 29, gave her client much more than he bargained for after the pair met online and then got together for a meal in Florida.

In their hotel room afterwards she began growling and then launched herself on him, bit into his genitals and tried to gouge out his eyes.

Police were called by neighbouring guests who heard growls and screams from his room. Detectives found Vaughn with blood smeared around her mouth and face. Her victim had "significant" bites to his penis and testicles.

Police said that Vaughn was high on cannabis, ecstasy and alcohol.

The victim told police that he had been overwhelmed by her strength and could not fight her off. He required surgery for his injuries.

Vaughn was charged with attempted murder and battery.

A sex toy was found at the scene which also had bite marks on it.