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Captain America: Civil War hits the big screen in April in the UK and the following month in the US Press

The trailer for Marvel's Captain America: Civil War trailer is pretty explosive. No, we mean quite literally – after counting up to at least five separate (and rather colossal) explosions throughout. So we can expect a lot of action among the conflicting heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe having an epic tiff.

Like the first two Captain America movies before it, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley will pen the script of the Civil War and the plot will begin with Captain America leading the new team of Avengers around the globe and stopping threats.

Things don't go too smoothly when one stop of the tour leads to an international incident (we're presuming this counts for at least one of the explosions) involving a great deal of collateral damage. Oopsy. This ultimately leads to a Clash Of The Titans-style scenario where vigilantes aren't fighting villains but have instead turned on each other. Now that's just a plain silly waste of energy, isn't it?

What we can take from the trailer is enough excitement to get us riled up in time for its launch into multiplexes on 29 April (in the UK, 6 May in the US) following this month's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here's what we noticed from the trailer…

Robert Downey Jr is still really funny

robert downey jnr
Tony Stark wants to punch Captain America in his perfect teeth Marvel Entertainment

There's nothing like Iron Man's tongue-in-cheek sense of humour to lighten the tone a little. Amidst the tragedy, frustration and dramatic destruction of every main city in the US, Downey Jr is still the rock'n'roll Marvel of the clan as Tony Stark, brazenly uttering to Captain America (Chris Evans), "Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth." We know the feeling, Starkers. It seems his love of partying might have lost him a few brain cells as he is willing to be pushed around by the authorities, while Steve Rogers does what he likes following superhero agency SHIELD turning out to be a bunch of wrong'uns in his last solo outing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Black Widow puts the blokes in their place

scarlett johansson
Black Widow is still the sensible (and sexy) one of the superheroes Marvel Entertainment

Scarlett Johansson still looks fiercer than ever as she becomes the beautiful mediator for the scrappy superheroes at war, trying to talk some sense into the likes of egotistical Iron Man – but which way will the Widow be weaving her web? After it emerged Johansson allegedly gets $20m (£14m) for these films, expect the redhead sexiest hero known as Natasha Romanoff to get the boys in a twist.

Spidey is back and looks like he's up for a punch-up

Spider-Man has had his rest and fancies a fight in the new Captain America: Civil War Marvel Entertainment

Captain America 3 sees the resurgence of Spider-Man – although few expected him to be majorly involved in the superhero smackdown seeing as he prefers to scale walls and stuff. Yet he appears in the trailer as the ultimate teaser looking like he means serious business with his crouched down stance and shield in tow. We wouldn't want to get into his bad books.

The trailer hints that Iron Man is the front runner of the gang with his superhuman Vision and War Machine on his side along with Spider-Man, Black Widow and Black Panther. But you'll have to wait until April to find out who comes out on top. Let's hope no one breaks a nail.

Watch the trailer below...

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