UPDATE: All the animals are accounted for. ------ A truck carrying 30 venomous snakes, a baby alligator and a turtle...

A vehicle in Texas which overturned on an access road caused extra trouble for emergency responders as they scurried to collect together 30 venomous snakes, an alligator and a turtle, all of which had been inside.

Richard LaBiche, a PIO safety officer with the local fire department, told KSAT 12 news that a north-travelling car had a rear tire blowout which led the driver to lose control of the vehicle and roll-over.

"On first reports on scene, he had thirty venemous snakes on board," LaBiche told the channel, adding that they included rattlesnakes, copperheads and water moccasin, a species of pit viper.

Alongside the haul of snakes, authorities said there was also an alligator and a turtle on board.

KSAT 12 reported that the turtle had been found, as well as most of the snakes, but the alligator, which was a juvenile, was still on the loose. Updates suggested that all of the reptiles had now been found.

South Bexar County authorities said that no one has been bitten but people nearby were being alerted as to the situation so that they could stay vigilant. Lytle Animal Control were also on the scene, along with local game wardens.

One the snakes was also a diamondback rattle snake described as "very large". At least two are thought to have died during the accident.

The driver and a child in the car were taken for medical treatment. Where they were heading or coming from has not yet been released.