Castle Season 7 Premiere
Castle Season 7 premieres on 29 September on ABC. Castle/Facebook

Castle Season 7 premiere episode was one roller coaster ride of suspense as the bride-to-be Kate Beckett gets the shock of her life when she learns about her would be husband Rick Castle's car accident and disappearance.

The unfortunate events trigger a massive search operation for Castle who was suspected to be abducted by some unknown assailants.

However, two months later, the mystery novelist was found abandoned on a sea beach waking up with erased memories of the past days.

The good news is that the couple has finally reunited but instead of planning their overtly impending marriage, they are up for another mission. This time to investigate the reasons for Rick's amnesia and the mystery of his whereabouts during the last two months.

The synopsis of episode 2 'Montreal' reads:

"As the rest of team looks into the death of a toy company's CEO, Castle starts his own investigation after finding a lead in his mysterious disappearance."

According to the synopsis, Rick is ready to do anything to solve the mystery of his erased memories of the last two months.

The second episode of ABC's crime thriller is also expected to introduce the mysterious Henry Jenkins played by Scandal villain Matt Letscher.

"I feel like I'm not allowed to say anything, or else the 'Castle secret police' will track me down and shoot me in the street," Letscher told TV Line when asked about his character in the popular series.

"But Henry Jenkins definitely has a history with Castle [Nathan Fillion]. As far as I can tell, he is someone who looms large in Castle's past," he added.

Castle Season 7 episode 2 'Montreal' airs tonight (6 October) on ABC.

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