Castle Season 7 Episode 6 'The Time of Our Lives': Where to Watch Rick and Kate Wedding Live Stream Online
Rick will finally marry the love of his life Kate in episode 6 of Castle Season 7. Castle/Facebook

Castle Season 7 will finally get the magical moment fans have been waiting for - Rick Castle and Kate Beckett exchanging wedding vows.

Fans of the investigative drama will certainly rejoice when Rick and Kate are declared man and wife after saying "I Do," in episode 6, titled 'The Time Of Our Lives.'

However, the wedding won't be as dreamy as it was supposed to be in Season 6 when the mystery novelist's car crashed before he was abducted while on his way to the wedding venue.

"I will say that having seen it, it is a really beautiful moment for the two characters, and for the series itself. I think it's going to meet -- or hopefully exceed -- the expectations of the folks watching the show," showrunner David Amann told TV Line.

The magical reunion of Caskett in ABC's crime thriller is going to happen in a hasty manner.

According to the episode synopsis, Rick finds himself in an alternate universe minus Beckett and this situation triggers paranoia within him. He realises the true importance of the love of his life and decides to take the plunge.

The official synopsis for episode 6 'The Time Of Our Lives' reads:

"A murder investigation launches Castle into what seems to be an alternate universe where he's never met Kate Beckett. Castle has to convince Beckett, Esposito and Ryan — now complete strangers — to let him participate in their investigation so he can find his way back to his own world. This inspires Castle and Beckett to finally take a trip to the altar."

Castle, Season 7 episode 6 airs tonight (10 November) on ABC.

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