Castle Season 7 Premiere
Castle Season 7 airs every Monday on ABC. Castle/Facebook

The much awaited wedding of Rick Castle and Kate Beckett will finally happen in Castle Season 7 but fans need to wait until 10 November to witness the magical union of one the most romantic couples.

Lovebirds Rick and Kate's marriage date went wrong in Season 6 of ABC's popular crime thriller when the mystery novelist's car met with an accident on his way to the wedding venue.

A devastated Beckett frantically searches for her groom in the burning car only to find that he is missing.

The incident has left fans heartbroken and they wanted Caskett wedding to happen real soon in Season 7.

It appears their wish was finally heard by the show producers as the couple will finally take their vows but it may not happen in the traditional way.

"The ceremony isn't going to be like their last wedding," executive producer David Amann told Entertainment Weekly.

"It comes together in a slightly more hasty fashion. But that being said, it's incredibly romantic and moving, and I think the fans are really going to feel like it's the culmination of 6-plus seasons of this relationship."

But what prompts the mystery novelist for a "right here, right now" wedding?

EW reports that Rick finds himself in an alternate world where he is unknown to Beckett and this helps him realise the true importance of his girl in his life. His alternate universe nightmare will prompt him to take the plunge.

According to a video posted by TV Line, the mystery novelist asks his detective girlfriend to marry him "right now" to which the latter agrees.

Apart from the long-pending Caskett wedding, the upcoming episode will feature a romantic cowboy-themed honeymoon of the fans' favourite couple.

So, fans can expect some hot and romantic moments between Rick and Kate in the episode Time of Our Lives.