Castle season 8
Castle season 8 is currently on a hiatus after the mid-season finale ABC

After a romantic yet sad mid-season finale, Castle season 8 will return with episode 9 in February 2016. The episode will reveal the fate of married couple Rick Castle and Kate Beckett, who have finally patched up after taking a break from their relationship. However, the mystery novelist is still angry that his wife has lost faith in him.

EW reports that episode 9 of the crime investigative thriller, titled Tone Death, deals with the murder of a member of a high school musical group. The fall finale saw Castle and Beckett boarding a ship to solve the murder of a cruise ship entertainer. During investigation they discover that the murdered girl was secretly recording the disposal of garbage at sea which had direct connection with heroin smuggling.

Kate catches the worker who was sending heroin through the trash bins and realises that the network has deep ties with the LokSat. Amid the cat and mouse game inside the cruise, Kate realises that she needs her husband.

"Everything that you said, you were absolutely right. That our break up could have just been a cover so that we could bring down LokSat together," Beckett tells her husband in the fall finale. "I wish you would have come to me," Rick replies and admits that it is not that easy for him anymore. "I thought that you would..." the detective starts but an angry Rick interrupts her and says: "Just take you back, in spite of what you put me through?"

Th show is currently on a hiatus after the fall finale and will return on 1 February 2016.