Castle season 8
Castle season 8 episode 22 titled Crossfire will air on 16 May on ABC at 10pm EST ABC

After a season full of hilarious timings, investigations and a romantic saga between lead characters Nick Castle and Kate Beckett, Castle seems to be nearing a rather disappointing ending. After news came out that show creator Andrew Marlow had bid farewell to the series, it seems Castle season 8 episode 22 might very well be the final episode of the series.

Before the finale episode titled Crossfire airs on Monday (16 May) on ABC at 10 pm EST, the big question that looms forth is about the future of Rick and Kate. Will they meet a tragic end?

Throughout season 8, the plot has built up on the LokSat conspiracy that will finally take the author-detective pair to investigate a case upon finding some lead related to it. As we find Castle strapped and being interrogated by a certain Mr Flynn, who was "named by the state", it appears there is more to the case than it appears. Incidentally, LokSat happens to be a secret keyword for a money laundering and drug running operation. The first time Beckett and Castle came across this code was when it was sent to Senator William Bracken, who later died in prison.

The official synopsis of Crossfire read as follows:

A promo video of the finale episode of Castle revealed that the investigating duo are up for a lot of action. In the very beginning, a mysterious man threatens Castle to confide everything he knows about the LokSat case. "Kate Beckett will be dead by the end of the night and there is nothing you can do about it," he warns.

Later, we find Beckett and Castle at the loading docks along with agent Hailey Shipton ready to take down threats, only for Beckett to realise "this is a trap."

But it might be too late to save Beckett, with shots of Alexis and Martha desperately hugging Castle, and Flynn's voice suggesting: "Everything ends in tragedy, even an epic love story like yours," hinting that Beckett might have sacrificed her life.

Although an alternate ending for the season finale was in talks, seems the showrunner is focussed on the one with Beckett's death. Indeed, fans would love to believe that this is a case of a classic misdirection by Castle creators and that the finale will end on a happy note.

Is that the case or will Beckett be dead by the end of the episode? To find out, watch Castle season 8 episode 22 on ABC at 10 pm EST. Click here to watch the show online in US.