Castle season 8 is introducing a new female character, who could create a rift between lovebirds Rick Castle and Kate Beckett.

The show is casting the role of Hayley, a quick-witted, free-spirited former LAPD cop who now works as a security specialist and is not afraid to cross lines to get things done.

According to a report in Tvline, the new character will be spending a lot of time with the show's star, Rick Castle.

Hayley is a fractional series regular, meaning she will not appear in every episode. The ABC drama is eyeing African-American or Hispanic actresses in their late 20s to play the part.

The question of course is: Why the need for a "security specialist"? The new security personnel might be the new love interest of Rick Castle in season 8, or Hayley could end up being part of a love triangle involving Kate and Rick.

She Knows has come up with a few theories for the new cast, and her role in the series.

Since Hayley is a security specialist, she might be spending a lot of time with the leading man because Rick needs protection. Given how involved in matters of national security Castle has become, fans will not be surprised if he or his wife Beckett, hires him a 24/7 security specialist.

Another possibility is that Hayley will be a security specialist for Kate, as she runs for Senate.

"One of last season's cliffhangers was based around Kate's career progression. A career as a senator was floated as a very real option for the very accomplished Beckett" said the report. As such she hires Hayley for security. So, there is a possibility that Castle will accompany Beckett on the campaign trail, thereby spending a lot of time around Hayley.

Another possible role for Hayley is becoming Rick's new partner at the NYPD, as Kate is running for Senate.

What her real intentions are still remains under wraps.

Hayley isn't the only new face for season 8, as the show is also casting the "major recurring" role of a high-strung, East Indian male tech analyst. The news came after Penny Johnson Jerald announced that she will not be reprising her role as Captain Victoria Gates in the show.

Castle season 8 will premiere on 21 September on ABC Family.