wayward Pines
The new episode of Wayward Pines will see Kate trying to break the town's fences Fox

As Wayward Pines is slowing inching towards its finale, more truths and mysteries behind the town's history are unravelling.

In episode 6, we finally learned how this wayward town actually came to be. David gives Ethan a tour of how the town functions, and shared the back-story of how it all started. We also learned that Nurse Pam is Pamela Pilcher aka Dr Pilcher's sister.

In the 2014 flashbacks, we see Dr David Pilcher being dismissed by the global community as a crackpot after he authored books and led lectures about humanity's doomed fate and the next stage of devolution. Following nudging from his sister, he siphoned profits from his tech company and other sources to fund his cryo-preservation plan, calculating that 2,000 years would be enough time for the planet to "reset."

David also revealed the reason why everyone in town cannot know the truth. The doctor had tried telling the truth with the original batch of Group A citizens. But the reality proved too jarring and the people either ran away towards the Abbies or caved in to despair and killed themselves, unleashing anarchy, as seen in a flashback of a ruined, burning Wayward Pines.

Ethan, Kate, Pope and others belong to Group B, who are doing good with keeping the truth a secret. Pilcher tells Ethan that he woke him up from his cryo-slumber because the town was again becoming "unstable" under Pope's rule, and he needed someone to "make things better."

Although it takes some time for Ethan to grasp reality, he promises to assist the doctor in his endeavour and protect the town from the Abbies. Pilcher also hinted that there was a faction of citizens who were about to do something "reckless" to challenge the unquestionable authority.

It turns out that Kate and her husband are planning to blow up the fences to be free. They aren't willing to play along anymore and want to know what's beyond the fence.

In the 2 July episode we will find Ethan trying to save the town from those "reckless" citizens who are planning anarchy.

In the promo, Ethan tries telling Theresa and Kate the truth about the town, but it seems they don't quite believe him.

"The world outside the fence that no longer exists," he begins telling Kate, who doesn't seem too convinced.

"There are creatures out there, monsters, I saw them with my own eyes," Ethan explains to his wife Theresa. But she doesn't believe him, and replies, "Ethan, what did they do to you?"

"You work for them now?" questions Kate, who is planning to blast the fence door open.

"I've got to convince the people to stop this insanity," says Ethan, as we see a huge truck running into the town's fence and breaking it down.

According to a report in Entertainment Weekly, the "music box" will play a big role in Kate's plans, which will ultimately endanger everyone in town.

Executive producer Chad Hodge said, "Ethan's been trapped in this town for just a few weeks. Kate has been trapped in this town for 12 years.

"The amount of frustration and the amount of anger that she must have, and that other people in her group must have, you would pretty much get to a place of, 'I have nothing to lose,' so you will do anything to get out of here," Hodge added.

Here is the synopsis of all the upcoming episodes.

Episode 7 is titled Betrayal, which will air on 2 July on Fox.

Episode 8 is titled The Friendliest Place On Earth, which will air on 9 July 2015.

Episode 9 is titled A Reckoning, which will air on 16 July, 2015.

Episode 10 will be the season 1 finale and is titled Cycle, which will air on 23 July, 2015.