marnie simpson
Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson have enjoyed many intimate moments in the CBB house Channel 5

It's been just over a week, but the summer 2016 series of Celebrity Big Brother has already ruffled up more feathers than Love Island, TOWIE and Made in Chelsea put together. Though viewers always think nothing can beat the last series, this one is undoubtedly giving past CBBs a run for their money.

Over the past week, we've seen everything from explosive rows to whirlwind romances ignite before our very eyes, and a diverse range of housemates from the likes of Christopher Biggins to Page 3 legend Sam Fox and self-proclaimed fashion icon Heavy D.

Much has happened since the series began on Thursday 28 July, so if you've missed a few episodes over the past week then let IBTimes UK enlighten you with some of the best moments so far.

Love is in the air

Though outspoken housemate Stephen Bear, of Ex on the Beach fame, has a girlfriend on the outside in the form of model Lillie Lexi Gregg, that hasn't stopped the reality star from finding lust in the house. Friday night's (5 August) show shows Bear cheating on his girlfriend on national television by passionately kissing Chloe Mafia yet again – a Kim Kardashian lookalike glamour model – in the hot tub. After enjoying some steamy kisses, the pair jumped into the water together for an embrace before heading into the bedroom.

Bear asked the voluptuous brunette to join him in the tub along with fellow lovebirds Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor before they all let loose and enjoyed each other's company. Geordie Shore's Marnie and TOWIE's Lewis were the first stars to get the ball rolling in terms of romance as they kissed in the storeroom just four days in to the series.

Marnie first caught the attention of TOWIE's Lewis just hours into the first show when he confided in Page Three legend Sam Fox about his feelings for her, and that the pair had already enjoyed a flirtation on the outside world. The pair have been inseparable since their first kiss.

Biggins' biphobia

Monday night's (1 August) was particularly explosive as James Whale poured "good coffee" all over Bear after being taunted by him, Heavy D and Lewis. But the subject that really got tongues wagging on social media was Christopher Biggins' and Renee Graziano's biphobic comments. The pair started the conversation discussing homosexuals, before mocking bisexuals – with Renee citing that they should "pick a team". Biggins called them "the worst" and the general public watching at home did not take to the comments.

christopher biggins
Christopher Biggins remarks on bisexuals did not go down well on the outside Channel 5

Biggins instigated the bisexual discussion, adding: "I think the worst type though is, I'm afraid to say, the bisexuals. What it is is people not wanting to admit they are gay." He also said that some people claim LGBT is "trendy."


aubrey spit
Aubrey spits in Stephen Bear's food on Celebrity Big Brother Channel 5

On Wednesday night's episode (4 August), viewers were left shocked after American singer Aubrey O'Day spat in Bear's food. (Bear's had a rather bad week). During the shopping task, 32-year-old Aubrey appalled the viewing public when she contaminated her fellow CBB contestant's food with her saliva and was given a formal and final warning for her behaviour. TOWIE star Lewis Bloor deemed Aubrey's actions as "disgusting" and many of the housemates agreed that they couldn't believe she had spat in his food.

Many viewers took to social media and slammed Big Brother for letting Bear at the sandwich, with one person writing: "Big Brother should've intervened and stopped Bear from eating the sandwich, they're equally as guilty as Aubrey #CBB."

Bear's big bad row

On Thursday night's episode (4 August), Bear showcased aggressive behaviour during an explosive row with Heavy D. The reality star threw a mug against a wall in frustration which resulted him being restrained by a security guard. He was soon called into the diary room and was later ordered to sleep in a separate room as a punishment for lashing out. He returned to the house with a frosty reception but said in his cheeky chappy manner: "Anyone for a coffee?"

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bear big brother
Bear lost his cool on Thursday night's (4 August) episode Channel 5