LG has joined a long list of hardware manufacturers who have been announcing their Windows 10- powered laptops.

At the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the company unveiled its new lineup of LG Gram laptops with all the features and improvements introduced in Windows 10 such as Windows Ink and built-in fingerprint readers to experience Windows Hello. The company will provide more details about the price and market rollout at a later date.

The LG Gram lineup comes in three different versions in terms of screen size: 13.3in, 14in and the largest model at 15.6in, weighing 940gm, 970gm and 1,090gm respectively.

The laptops pack a slim bezel making it a near-edgeless touchscreen for using Windows Ink to take notes. Besides, the laptops pack 60W battery to offer longer battery life, claimed as the highest capacity to date.

The laptops are available in three metallic colours such as dark silver, shiny white and metal rose.

Powered by the Intel Core i7 processor, the laptops are capable of running multiple memory-intensive programs without a hitch. In addition to that, they offer up to 512GB space to save important multimedia files and have 16GB of DDR4 dual channel memory.

The largest model with a 15.6in screen has a Thunderbolt port and additional USB Type-C ports, which enable video signals, data transfer and charging via USB cable simultaneously. It also has a backlit keyboard. With the 13.3in and 14in LG Gram laptops, consumers can use Daylight mode to enhance the screen brightness so that it can be viewable under the sunlight.

"It's exciting to see partners like LG officially unveil and publicly demonstrate these new Windows 10 laptops that offer high performance in a sleek new portable design," said Mollie Ruiz-Hopper from the official Windows Blog.

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