Authorities have released the death certificate of one of America's most notorious cult leaders, Charles Manson. The Kern County coroner's office shared the autopsy details with TMZ, which conclude that the psychopathic killer died of acute cardiac arrest, respiratory failure and complications from metastatic colon cancer.

According to the details, Manson died from the heart attack but had been suffering from respiratory problems for days prior to his death. His cancer, which has progressed during his last months, had also contributed to his condition.

In January, the 83-year-old California State Prison inmate was taken to Mercy Hospital after suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding. However, according to a report, the doctors were unable to conduct surgery because he was in a very weak condition and was transferred back to the prison.

Months later in November, Manson suffered another undisclosed medical issue and was rushed to the hospital where he died four days later on 19 November. At the time, the California Department of Corrections stated that he had died from natural causes.

The Associated Press reported that since his death, a fight has ensued between three parties over his remains and estate. Two wills have surfaced, one brought forward by Manson's friend Ben Gurecki that he claims was sent to him in January 2017. In the document, the cult leader named his self-proclaimed "son" Matthew Roberts as the main beneficiary.

Another will was brought forth by a pen pal Michael Channels who said that Manson disinherited his whole family. The convicted killer's alleged grandson, Jason Freeman has also claimed ownership of the estate which includes music, paintings and two guitars, along with the trademark over his image.

Manson's body has been left unburied as the parties fight over control and his funeral will be on hold pending a court ruling.

Manson, the leader of the Mason Family cult, was most famously found guilty of orchestrating the murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate, along with coffee heiress Abigail Folger, celebrity hair stylist Jay Sebring and two others.

charles manson
This mugshot of Charles Manson's was taken just months after he was taken to hospital after falling seriously ill