online campaign Charlie Hebdo "I am Charlie"  #JeSuisCharlie

To all those responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attack this morning.

Well done guys, you really showed us. You showed us, the journalistic community, what will happen to us if we dare criticise the warped creed you espouse. You proved, beyond all doubt, that yours is a just and noble crusade, and we will certainly refrain from criticising your virtuous cause in future.

Well, actually, we might renege on that last promise.

Journalists – be they scribes, broadcasters or satirists; print, TV, online – are duty-bound to report the truth and highlight injustice wherever it arises. It is what we do the job for (believe me, it is not the money). Sickening events such as the event that occurred on 7 January only harden our resolve to confront and denounce the atrocities you perpetrate, in the name of a creed that rejects you.

It is reported that you shouted "Allahu Akbar" as you massacred a roomful of innocent designers at Charlie Hebdo's offices, so you must think you are advancing the cause of Islam. But real Muslims, the overwhelming majority of Muslims, despise you. They think the same as the rest of us, that you are just pathetic low-lives who need to kill defenceless people to dredge some meaning from your impotent rage.

Killing people who criticise you will not make their criticism go away. In fact, it will only throw an even harsher spotlight on your crimes, and on the human rights abuses inflicted by extremist zealots the world over.

Activists, aid organisations, counter-extremism groups... all will receive a spike in subscriptions and goodwill through what you have done today. So, in reality, you have achieved precisely the opposite of your stated aim.

If any of your supporters reads this article, and wants to throw abuse at me, go ahead: my email address is, just send your threats and diatribes there and I'll be sure to read it.

Attacking journalists will not make your problems go away. The world knows just how wretched and contemptible you are. And deep down, you probably know it too.