Disgraced baseball star Lenny Dykstra has come out with bombshell accusations against his long-time pal Charlie Sheen while addressing their friendship and eventual fallout in an interview.

The biggest claim that Dykstra has made against the Two And A Half Men actor in a series of wild allegations, is that Sheen was involved in the death of his ex-assistant Rick Calamaro. The former MLB star accused the actor of causing Calamaro's overdose, and also claimed that Sheen himself had admitted the same to him after he [Dykstra] was released from prison.

"Before I went [to jail], I said, 'Dude, this guy, he is writing a f*****g book, you got to fire him,'" the 54-year-old former centre fielder dished to The Hollywood Reporter, explaining that he was convinced that Sheen's assistant was writing a tell-all book about him.

But after coming out of jail, he found that the former nightclub promoter had died of a drug overdose. "What the f**k happened to Calamaro?" Dykstra apparently asked Sheen, to which the actor allegedly replied, "You mean Dead Rick? What f*****g happened is the mother****r tried to blackmail me just like you said — wanted $5 million. I had him f*****g iced."

"He said he had a hot dose put in there," the former athlete told the site, referring to the slang for a lethal injection that is put out for an unsuspecting drug user.

However, the report notes that Dykstra was unable to produce proof to substantiate his accusations. Sheen's lawyer Shane Bernard refuted the allegations saying that his "disturbing, vile and outright ridiculous claims" are unreliable.

Asides the shocking allegation involving the actor's late assistant, Dykstra once again fuelled rumours about an alleged sex tape featuring Sheen. He claimed that he was even shown a copy of the tape – which features the Anger Management actor taking part in gay sex – by none other than attorney Keith Davidson.

Davidson has been in the news recently with reports linking his involvement in an alleged $130,000 payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels in order to buy her silence about her alleged 2006 affair with President Donald Trump.

Responding to Dykstra's claims about the tape, Davidson clarified: "This just never happened."

Lenny Dykstra
Dykstra was sentenced to three years in prison REUTERS