The surprise announcement of Cheryl Cole's marriage to her boyfriend of three months has sent her fans in a frenzy, as speculation mounts that the X Factor judge might be pregnant.

Posting an image of her £300,000 wedding ring, the 33-year-old confirmed she had married 35-year-old French restaurateur Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini a week ago, in a secret wedding on the island of Mustique, in the Caribbean.

The couple, who met three months ago at the Cannes film festival, tied the knot on July 7 in front of just four witnesses, including the singer's mum Joan Callaghan, 54, and personal assistant Lily England.

The sudden wedding has prompted fans and the media to suppose that it might have been a shotgun wedding.

Bookmakers Coral are offering odds of 2-1 that the singer will announce her pregnancy in 2014.

Meanwhile, twitter is abuzz with the news that the Crazy, Stupid, Love singer's unexpected pregnancy is the reason behind the unexpected nuptials.

Stacey Trickett tweeted: "I'll put money on it that Cheryl Cole turns out to be pregnant."

Megan Petrie-Turner added: "Haven't they only been together like 3 months? And they're married? Cheryl Cole is definitely pregnant."

Emma Briden tweeted: "Cheryl Cole married to that bloke already! Jeez didn't take her long to get him tied down... she'll announce she's pregnant next week."

A source added fuel to the speculation saying: "Cheryl's never been so happy. She can't wait to have his babies."

Yesterday the Girls Aloud singer changed her Twitter handle from @CherylCole to @CherylOfficial hinting at plans to take her new husband's name. She also thanked people for their "kind messages and well wishes".

While the conjecture continues, Cheryl, who is on her honeymoon, has not commented on the speculation as to whether she is to become a mother.

She was previously forced to issue a denial about a suspected pregnant when she was in a relationship with dancer Tre Holloway.

But while fellow band mate Nadine Coyle became a mother in April 2014 and Kimberly Walsh is also pregnant, it was reported that Cheryl had told best friend Walsh that she is "not ready for a family."

In the new chapter of Kimberley's autobiography A Whole Lot Of History, the Girls Aloud singer tells of heart-to-heart talks with Cheryl when the Geordie returned from partying in South Africa in February.

She wrote: "Cheryl told me she'd felt relaxed and free in Cape Town. She'd been partying and having more fun then she'd had in ages. She seemed thrilled to be back to her old self.

"She said she was happy with the way things were now and that she didn't feel ready to settle down and start a family just yet. It became abundantly clear that the two of us were in totally different places."

Cheryl is also set to return as a judge on the next series of the X Factor.