Cheryl and Liam Payne have reportedly discussed having a sibling for their five-year-old son Bear now that they are both single.

The former "One Direction" star split from Maya Henry earlier this year, and the 39-year-old singer is reportedly not in a relationship at the moment either. With the former "Girls Aloud" singer nearly reaching 40, she wants nothing more than to have another baby.

A source told Closer magazine in its Oct. 18 issue, "It's no secret Cheryl is longing for another baby. With her 40th birthday looming next year, the clock is very much ticking and she's starting to panic about her time running out."

The insider claimed that Since Payne's split from Henry, "Cheryl's come to lean on him more than ever. He's becoming the closest person in her life and the one she sees most out of all her close friends and even family."

The former "X-Factor UK" judge has reportedly thought of ways to have another baby including IVF. But with the "Strip That Down" singer already single and him already being the father to their son Bear, she has suggested that they try for baby number two instead.

"With her and Liam becoming so close again, it's prompted her to broach the subject of him fathering another child with her instead of her going down the complicated fertility route of sperm donors and IVF," the source said.

Having another baby could allegedly also bring Payne and Cheryl back together again after breaking up in 2017. Other insiders claimed "there are still deep feelings between them both" and that the 29-year-old also "wants to be that emotional crutch for her."

"Cheryl has really enjoyed being treated with so much love and care by Liam," a source told Heat but "her friends have warned her to slow things down."

However, rumours of a romantic reunion between Payne and Cheryl have been going on for some time now and they have yet to come true. Likewise, reports that the mum-of-one wants another baby with the singer are nothing new. They date back to 2018 and have yet to be confirmed. For now, they are simply co-parenting their son Bear.

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Liam Payne (R) and partner Cheryl pose on the red carpet on arrival for the BRIT Awards 2018 Getty