Norman Davies has been jailed for slitting the throat of Patterdale Terrier dog Misty RSPCA

A Cheshire man has been jailed for slitting the throat of a Patterdale Terrier dog with a kitchen knife after it urinated at his home. Norman Davies of Grafton Road, Ellesmere Port, was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment and banned from keeping animals at Cheshire crown court on 15 October.

Chester magistrates' court heard how the 56-year-old took three-year-old Misty to a secluded spot, held on to her collar and cut her throat with a kitchen knife in May this year. The brutal attack happened because she was urinating inside, the court heard. Incredibly, the dog managed to free itself from Davies and ran away before she was found hours later and treated by vets.

Commenting on the sentence, RSPCA inspector Lisa Lupson said: "Misty would have been absolutely terrified and it would have been excruciatingly painful for her. Davies cut clean through her skin but missed her main arteries. If Misty had not managed to get free when she did then she may not be here today – she had an incredibly lucky escape. Thankfully she has now been rehomed and is making progress in getting on with her life after suffering this horrific ordeal."