Chicago fire Season 3 Midseason Finale
The fall finale of Chicago Fire Season 3 airs today, 2 December on NBC ChicagoFire/Facebook

Chicago fire returns with its mid season finale episode tonight, 2 December at 10pm on NBC.

Episode 10 is titled Santa Bites, wherein a victim takes credit for a textbook rescue by the Chicago Fire team.

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The official synopsis reads:

Are Casey and Dawson heading for a break-up?

The fan favourite couple Dawsey have been going though a lot of tension both at home and at the workplace ever since Casey became Dawson's boss. At the end of last week's episode Dawson turned to her ex-boyfriend Peter for comfort and Casey walked in on them so things may turn ugly.

According to the promo, Boden's baby will be born but there will be major complications.

The NBC show will return for the remaining episodes on 6 January, 2015.

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