The Division Bullet King Farming
Follow this guide and you will be shooting this poor gentleman quite a bit in the pursuit of loot. Ubisoft

Eagle-eyed Tom Clancy's: The Division players have uncovered a sneaky new way to farm phoenix credits and High-End loot drops so you can stockpile enough reserves to afford the best blueprints, weapons and gear in the late-game.

As with any loot exploit misused in the pursuit of ill-gotten gains, this respawn-cheat will more than likely be patched out in a future update so if you are looking to grab a handful of easy credits then get grinding.

Update: Sorry Agents, the Bullet King Loot Cave has been patched in update 1.0.2, although there is now a new farming strategy on the Scarecrow mission you can read here. The instructions remain below for where to find the Bullet King, but as of 22 March you will only be able to find him once. IBTimes UK has updated our Phoenix Credits guide with new tricks and tips and will be keeping an eye out for any future loot strategies.

To perform the trick, you will need to load a level 30 character on your PS4, Xbox One or PC (on lower levels you will not receive any Phoenix Credits) and head to the Northwest part of the New York City map towards the Autumn's Hope safehouse and follow these steps:

  1. From Autumn's Hope safehouse, head outside and turn right.
  2. When you spot a sign for a café turn left.
  3. Use the pulse radar to highlight the group of enemies that appear at the end of the street.
  4. As long as you have not killed them before, you should find a named enemy/boss called the 'Bullet King' and a group of low level red-bar grunts.
  5. Important: Kill only the 'Bullet King' and ignore his minions.
  6. Loot his body for Phoenix Credits, Superior gear and (if you are lucky) any High-End drops.
  7. This may sound strange, but let the other enemies kill you (or commit seppuku, up to you).
  8. You will spawn at Autumn's Hope safehouse, with the 'Bullet King' and his friends ready to be killed and looted all over again.

You can repeat this exploit as many times as you like as long as the group of enemies is not wiped out entirely. The short distance to the respawn point is the main bonus of this trick, as while other avenues of Phoenix Credit farming are possible, this seems to be the fastest method found thus far. Below is a video mapping out the above actions (via GameRant):

YouTube / GameRant

If you have already killed the group during your playtime up to this point, fear not, you will simply need to find a friend's game to join (or a random matchmaking session) in which the other player has not lain waste to the 'Bullet King' and friends. If for some reason he still doesn't show, player reports have suggested that you may need to complete the missions near the Autumn's Hope Safehouse before he shows up.

The Division community may well have mourned the nerf to Phoenix Credit drop rates from named-enemies, but this simple, if incredibly repetitive 'loot cave' is an easy way to haul in the necessary funds for the tech and gear from the DZ6 Phoenix Credits vendor.

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