Chicago PD season 3
Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess in Chicago PD season 3 Matt Dinerstein/NBC

The Chicago world created by Dick Wolf is expanding with the introduction of the latest spin-off, Chicago Justice. The new show, focused on the world of lawyers and prosecutors in Chicago. will be introduced in episode 21 of Chicago PD season 3.

Episode 21 of Chicago PD, titled Justice, will air on 11 May at 10pm EST on NBC. The chapter will find Kim Burgess on trial after shooting an unidentified man, who she believes shot her partner Sean Roman. The official synopsis reads as follows:

As the case goes on trial, the Chicago Justice characters, played by Carl Weathers, Philip Winchester, Joelle Carter and Nazneen Contractor, will be introduced. Executive producer Matt Olmstead told Entertainment Weekly: "It turns into a very high-profile case that the state's attorney's office comes in and, because it's high-profile, they have their own investigators doing a separate and independent investigation of the crime."

According to the producer, the episode will also feature the backstory of Chicago Justice character assistant state attorney Peter Stone and Hank Voight. Olmstead explained: "Also, we have a backstory: The main state's attorney's office prosecutor [played by Winchester] is the same guy that put Voight in prison years ago, so Voight at once is respectful of this guy's abilities — clearly, he's one of the few people who can kind of go toe-to-toe with Voight, didn't fear Voight, and put Voight away — and there's certainly some resentment."

"So that whole relationship's loaded going into it, but it turns into an investigation and trial — we jump ahead in time and do a trial — of the shooting and whether or not Burgess did the right thing," he added.

Chicago PD is currently on a hiatus and will return with new episodes on 4 May on NBC.