China\'s Window of the World park offers 4D death simulation in a bid to help people make better life choices. Getty Images

A theme park in China is giving people the chance to experience death with a simulated cremation for £26.

The Window of the World theme park in Shenzhen is offering the 4D death simulation experience in a bid to enlighten people on death and help them make better life choices while they are alive.

Creators Huang Weiping and Ding Rui went inside a real crematorium in a bid to research for the 4D experience.

"Ding went in the crematory first and it was stressful for me to observe from the outside. The controller of the crematory was also very nervous; he usually just focuses on sending bodies in, but not on bringing them back out," said Weiping, reported CNN.

"I was in a car crash once and the only thought in my mind then was 'why didn't I buy insurance?' It wasn't what I had imagined for the final moments of my life. That romantic idea of having a flashback of one's entire life in the last moments before death -- that did not happen."

4D Experience of Death

The experience involves participants lying in a coffin and being carried on a conveyor belt to a fake funeral home incinerator.

Hot air and light projections are used to simulate the effects of being inside a real incinerator.

Participants are next shown a womb projected on the ceiling with a background sound of a heartbeat. They are then passed on to a soft, round, womb-like capsule, representing the idea of "rebirth".