A Chinese pimp on the run from police underwent breast enlargement surgery to trick his pursuers - only for his distinctive Adam's apple to betray him.

The 43-year-old man, known only as Zhao, had been on the run since 8 January when his foot massage parlour in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, was busted for harbouring prostitutes.

According to a report in Shanghai Daily, police arrested five women for prostitution but Zhao, the owner of the parlour, could not be traced.

After the closure of the foot massage parlour, the building was renovated and a new set of masseurs began renting the premises. However it appears Zhao could not keep away.

In late January, when the police came to inspect the renovated place, they saw a full-breasted woman with long hair in one of the rooms, bearing a close resemblance to Zhao.

Initially, the police thought they had found Zhao's sister but soon a close inspection revealed Zhao's Adam's apple and consequently his true identity.

Further investigations revealed that Zhao had undergone breast enlargement surgery, hoping to fool the police.

At the moment, police have released Zhao temporarily on bail, since they are unable to decide if he should be kept in the women's or men's detention center, the report said.