A 45-year-old Chinese man has sought a divorce from his wife of 16 years after a paternity test revealed that the daughters he raised for so many years are not his biological children.

The man, identified by his surname Chen, hails from Jiangxi province, eastern China. He used to work in a different city to support his family and started becoming suspicious of his wife only last year.

During an interview with China Jiangxi Radio and TV Station, he claimed that he initially did not suspect his wife of infidelity as they used to often call and chat, but then his wife started avoiding him and he started to have doubts about her.

On one occasion, he tracked her mobile phone's GPS location and discovered that his wife, surnamed Yu, had checked into a hotel in eastern China. The next day, he arrived at the location and found his wife leaving with the man she had been having an affair with.

Chen initially let the matter go and forgave his wife, but later decided to conduct a paternity test and found that his youngest daughter was fathered by a different man. He became all the more suspicious and discovered that their other two daughters were also not his biological daughters.

His wife left the house after the revelation and has since been untraceable. He has now reached out to local media networks to help him track down his wife, per a report in South China Morning Post.

A local news channel was able to find her and speak to her over phone. The woman said that she did not think she cheated on her husband and asked if "biological paternity really is important?"

"Couples who are sterile adopt kids all the time," Yu said. She also lashed out at her husband for seeking a divorce.

"Please try to empathise with me. The three children called him 'dad' for many years, but now he says the daughters are not his own. What is the difference between him and an animal?" she added.

Chinese man wants a divorce from his wife for cheating on him. getty images